• Swertres Result January 23 2020 – Today 3D Swetres Result

    Swertres Result January 23 2020, 3D SWERTRES RESULT – PCSO holds Suertres 3D Lotto draws daily at 11am, 4pm and 9PM. This page contains the latest PCSO Swertres result today, analysis, Swertres hearing and tips.

    So, let’s have a look at the swertres result for the day and see if it did matter or you just played another lottery with hopes to win it the next time.

    Swertres Result January 23 2020

    11am: 4-8-8
    4pm: 4-4-8
    9pm: 5-3-3

    We share the daily swertres result updates throughout the week and you must be following us for some time now if you have played your lottery based on our swertres hearing for today’s draws. Nevertheless, that doesn’t always mean you will end up on the winning side. But what it does is that it increases your chances to win the lottery manifolds.

    Lottery games do require you to put in a lot of effort, deliberation and thought before you could actually win one. If you are playing swertres, the same rule applies there as well. You can come again and check the swertres result for the next draw and see how things are working. Good luck for the next time.

Swertres Result

Swertres Result

Who doesn’t love to make easy cash? Everyone does, and probably the easiest of making money and become rich is to win a lottery. Yes, it is as simple as drawing a few numbers randomly and see if the chosen patterns match the winning figures or not.
Viola! That’s how you can become a billionaire within minutes. And, if you are ready to try your luck, the Filipino lottery Swertres is definitely a perfect place to start for you. You can check out Swertres Result on daily basis and see if you have won the lottery or not. Yes, there is no waiting around and you will be making riches the day you start playing.
Nevertheless, you have to understand what it is all about, what kinds of games are being played and how you would be able to play the game to win. Getting interested? Here we have everything explained for you so that you can make your picks and see if you are lucky enough or not.

What Is PCSO Swertres Lotto?

Commonly called as Swertres, the PCSO Swertres is a combination of two words “Suerte” and “Tres” and it means Lucky 3. It’s a simple digit game played every day and is pretty much similar to the EZ 2 lotto. The lottery is offered by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office and that’s where it gets PCSO in its name from.
Introduced back in June 2002, the lottery was initially played in Mindanao and Visayas only. However, due to the increasing demand from the general public, the officials introduced PCSO Swertres Lotto in Luzon as well in September 2006. The game is played thrive every day and you can get the Swertres result 11am, Swetres result 4pm, and Swertres result 9pm. So, before we get into the details of how to play the game and win it, let’s discuss a little about these result timings.

How To Check Out Swertres Result Today?

The lottery draws are carried out thrice every day on the timings described above. These are the fixed times for daily lucky draws and if you want to check out your swertres result today, you need to have a look at our swertres page at below mentioned draw timings.

Swertres Result 11am

As mentioned earlier, the lottery game is played on a day to day basis. This is the first draw that happens every day and that’s where all the fun starts. The winners of the lottery in this first draw can claim their prize according to the process discussed in later sections.

Swertres Result 4pm

After 5 hours of the first draw, the next draw takes place every single day. The results of this draw are shared at 4pm and the winners can make their claims afterwards.

Swertres Result 9pm

So, if you have failed to make it count in the first couple of draws of the day, you can still try your luck with the third draw which happens at 9pm on the PTV in Philippines. See if your name comes in the list of the winners or not. If you fail here again, you will have to wait for the next draw at 11am next morning.

Can I Also Watch Today Swertres Result Live As Well?

Yes, all the draws are televised live at PTV 4 and you can watch them on the draw times dedicated for each day. Besides, the results are made available here as soon as they are announced as well. So, you just need to check out our Swertres result page and you will find all the information related to the draws published right away. Remember, however, that we post numbers here only after proper verification and confirmation.

Swertres Result Today Confirm And Claim Your Prize

Once you have the swertres result today confirm report, it is really easy to claim whatever you have won.
If you have won prizes that amount to ₱5000 or under that, it can be claimed at all the authorized lotto outlets as well as PCSO branches anywhere near you. If the amount that you have won is above ₱5000 but less than ₱20000, the prize can be claimed at the PCSO branches or at their head office. In case, if your won amount goes beyond ₱20000, you can directly claim it at the main office of PCSO in Mandaluyong city.

Swertres Lotto Result Today

Keep an eye on the swertres lotto result today at the defined timings given above and make sure that you do not miss out on any of the draw results for the most popular lotto game from PCSO lotto. There will be a lot of chances that you may win big but only if you are able to check out the results regularly and claim your prize whenever you win. Checking out the results of the game on time will also ensure that you may not miss out when you actually win the lottery.
As the Swertres Lotto is the most frequently drawn PCSO lottery game, it is fairly easy for one to miss out swetres lotto result today and not even find their winning combination in the swertres result history later on.

How Can I Play Swertres And Win?

Playing the lotto is not that difficult either as you just have to visit the authorized outlets of PCSO lotto and get your payslip for PCSO Swertres lotto. Now just mark 3 digits from 0-9 and you are done. You can even pick 3 same numbers as well like 222. You’ll be required to pay ₱12 for each standard play combination.

Consider what your lucky number is and then select one digit from each column. You can also check the box labeled Lucky Pick so that your number is randomly picked by the terminal.
Check out the swertres result today and see if you were lucky enough to win a prize or not.

Another option you have is to play Rambolito. In this case, you will have to select a number combination of 3 digits and you will automatically be provided with all its permutations and combinations.
If there aren’t any repeating digits in your chosen combination of 3 digits then there will be 6 different combinations generated. If there are 2 digits repeating in your selected combination then the system will generate three different combinations. You also have the lucky pick option available in Rambolito System as well but here the repeating digits option isn’t applicable.

Matching the numbers you have in the same exact order with winning combination is going to give you a prize of ₱4500 every time you play with ₱12. In case, if you’ve chosen the right 3-digit combination and you’re playing in Rambolito mode then you will win ₱750 for your 3 unique digit selection and ₱1500 for your selection with 2 same digits.

How You Can Win Swertres?

If you really want to win playing Swertres lotto then you will have to end up matching all 3 of the winning numbers correctly and in the exact same order.

What’s The Maximum I Can Win?

As mentioned earlier, there are three different prizes that you can win with Swertres result coming in your favor. These include:

Standard Play: ₱4500

Rambolito 3 combinations: ₱1500

Rambolito 6 combinations: ₱750

So, are you ready to try your luck with Swertres? Make sure that you keep checking Swertres result here on this page at each of the draw times and see if you have won any of the prizes or not.