Swertres Result Today June 12 2019

Have you been playing swertres lotto with your own wit and understanding of the winning combinations? You must have tried our swertres hearing updates for giving yourself a better chance at winning the lottery. Even if you haven’t, it’s time that you try it now or go by the book and start following swertres result updates that we share here on a daily basis.

Swertres Result Wednesday – 12-6-2019

11am: 3-4-9 
4pm: 9-2-7 
9pm: 0-6-1
(in exact order)

At least, it will give you a feel of what the winning numbers drawn lately look like and you will start following the same pattern with your picks as you move forward.

Swertres Result Today – Jun 12, 2019
Draw Results Winners
11:00 am 3-4-9 TBA
04:00 pm 9-2-7 TBA
09:00 pm _-_-_ TBA

Source: PCSO


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