• Swertres Result January 23 2020 – Today 3D Swetres Result

    Swertres Result January 23 2020, 3D SWERTRES RESULT – PCSO holds Suertres 3D Lotto draws daily at 11am, 4pm and 9PM. This page contains the latest PCSO Swertres result today, analysis, Swertres hearing and tips.

    So, let’s have a look at the swertres result for the day and see if it did matter or you just played another lottery with hopes to win it the next time.

    Swertres Result January 23 2020

    11am: 4-8-8
    4pm: 4-4-8
    9pm: 5-3-3

    We share the daily swertres result updates throughout the week and you must be following us for some time now if you have played your lottery based on our swertres hearing for today’s draws. Nevertheless, that doesn’t always mean you will end up on the winning side. But what it does is that it increases your chances to win the lottery manifolds.

    Lottery games do require you to put in a lot of effort, deliberation and thought before you could actually win one. If you are playing swertres, the same rule applies there as well. You can come again and check the swertres result for the next draw and see how things are working. Good luck for the next time.


Swertres Result Today Confirm
The lotto lovers can’t digest the fun and excitement they can have while playing swertres – Philippines’ top lottery from the Philippines Charity Sweepstakes Office. Yes, it really is the most played lottery game in the region and it has many obvious reasons for that. And, that probably is the reason why more and more people look for swertres result today confirm and make riches playing the lottery game.

Drawn every single day throughout the year, except a few national holidays, the lottery gives you a chance to win a jackpot three times every day. Getting excited, let’s explore more about this wonderful lottery game.

Swertres Result Today Confirm
When you are playing swertres lotto, one thing you often worry about is which results you should rely on. Yes, there are lots of online resources available today that publish the results for every day and you can easily get confused as to which one you should trust and which one you should not. But if you want the swertres result today confirm, we surely are your best resource to rely on.

We make sure that all the results published here are verified and confirmed by the authorities at PCSO before we publish them. In fact, we bring you these confirmed results in the fastest possible manner so that you may not have to keep looking around for the swertres results that matter to you.

When To Check Swertres Result Today
When you are looking for the swertres result today confirm report, make sure that you look for it on the same day when the lottery result is announced and right after the announcement of result for each respective draw for the day. If you are not sure about the draw timings, here we have the information you need.

Swertres Result Today Confirm 11am
Swertres Result Today Confirm 4pm
Swertres Result Today Confirm 9pm
Yes, these are the result timings for each of the three draws that are conducted every single day in PCSO lotto for the swertres lottery game. You might have known that PTV 4 broadcasts the results live but the thing is they do not broadcast all these results live. Instead, only the third draw of the day i.e. Swertres Result 9pm goes live on air. For all the rest of the results, you have to be patient enough and make sure that you wait until the results are updated online here on todayswertresresult.net.

So, whenever you have played the swertres lotto, or you just want to keep yourself aware of the results and understand the winning patterns in the drawn results, you should come looking for it here on this page at the designated timings.

Can I Get Swertres Result Today Confirm For All Play Types?
As you might have already known that there are two different play types for swertres. You can either go with Swertres standard play or the Rambolito play. Both these play types require you to pick 3 numbers but the way you can win the prize with these options makes them different from each other.

To win the standard play you have to make sure that all your chosen 3 digits for the lottery draw match exactly with the number drawn without even a minutest change in its order. Yes, if you have an exact match, you are entitled to win ₱4500 with the standard play but if you miss that even with a single digit then you may not be able to win anything. For each combination that you play, you’ll have to buy a ₱12 ticket.

In case of Rambolito, you again have to pick three digits but you can win a prize in two different situations. If you are able to match the winning number with your selection of 2 same digits and one unique digit then you are entitled to claim ₱1500 prize while if your selection had 3 unique digits then you will win ₱750 only.

Whatever the case, you will be getting a prize in both the types of play when your minimum play is ₱12.

The next time you are going to play swertres, make sure that you have your swertres result today confirm here. Once you’re sure you have won it, go claim your prize and enjoy yourself being so lucky to win a lottery.