Swertres Result September 16 2019

Swertres Result September 16 2019. Know which is the most played lottery game at the PCSO lottery draw? It’s swertres lotto. The lottery game has been played ever since the lotto program first started and it really gives lotto lovers a great chance to match swertres result on any day and claim jackpot prize of PHP 4500. 

Swertres Result Monday – 16-9-2019

11am: 1-3-9
9pm: 4-8-6
(in exact order)

So, if you get into the habit of picking up the winning combination every time you play the lottery, you really stand a great chance at winning. In fact, you can very well do that with our swertres hearing updates that we share regularly at today swertres result. Mix and match the hot and cold numbers and you’re definitely up for a big jackpot prize. 


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