Swertres Result October 8 2019

Swertres is one of the simplest lottery games played and drawn at the PCSO lottery draw in Philippines. With only a few numbers to be picked and matched to the winning combination and with a couple of variations of the game available as well, you really stand a big chance of winning the jackpot prize that amounts to PHP 4500.

Swertres Result Tuesday – 8-10-2019

11am: 4-7-5
4pm: 3-4-4
9pm: 5-5-9
(in exact order)

There are three draws scheduled every day and if you choose to play the numbers as predicted in our swertres hearing, you are definitely going to make your bets count every time. Just keep track of the hot and cold numbers and you’ll find the swertres result coming in your favor pretty soon.

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