Swertres Result October 4 2019

How many times have you been able to match the swertres result ever since you have started playing the lottery game? Yes, winning this lottery is pretty easy and you stand a fairly good chance of achieving the desired results should you play with confidence and consistency. But to assist you even further, today swertres result brings you the accurate predictions of the lottery draws in the form of swertres hearing. The swertres hearing 101 is shared on daily basis with all the hot and cold numbers that are likely to be drawn in the upcoming draws. You can take all the inspiration from there and play the numbers to secure a PHP 4500 jackpot prize. 

Swertres Result Friday – 4-10-2019

11am: 6-2-4
4pm:  6-4-2
9pm: 1-4-4
(in exact order)

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