Swertres Result October 13 2019

If you play lottery on a regular basis, you’d be very well aware of the lottery draws held at the PCSO lotto draw in Philippines. And, it is quite likely that you might already be playing swertres lotto which is by far the most popular lottery game played in Philippines.

Swertres Result Sunday – 13-10-2019

11am: 4-3-1
4pm: 1-8-4
(in exact order)

It’s been more than 2 decades that this lottery game is around and you really stand a big chance winning massive jackpots day in and day out if you have mastered the art of calling the winning numbers. For checking out your swertres result, you can come here at today swertres result and see the numbers being drawn at the PCSO head office on any day.

Swertres Result Today – October 13, 2019
Draw Results Winners
11:00 am 0-4-9 TBA
04:00 pm _-_-_ TBA
09:00 pm _-_-_ TBA

Source: PCSO

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