Swertres Result May 27 2019

If you have been following our swertres hearing updates on a regular basis, you must have started playing swertres lotto by now. In fact, seeing the numbers and seeing others around you winning with those numbers is quite a motivation and you should definitely use this motivation to master the play.

Swertres Result Monday – 27-5-2019

11am: 5-1-4 
4pm: 3-5-0
9pm: _-_-_ 
(in exact order)

If you have been playing the lottery with little or no luck so far, you should definitely check the swertres result updates on a regular basis and combine it with our swertres hearing maintain today to turn the results in your favor. Check your swertres lotto result thrice every day right here on this page and give yourself the chance to win the lottery over and over again.

Swertres Result Today – May 27, 2019
Draw Results Winners
11:00 am 5-1-4 TBA
04:00 pm 3-5-0 TBA
09:00 pm _-_-_ TBA

Source: PCSO

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