Swertres Result May 18 2019

Trying to beat the odds in lottery games with little or no luck so far? Why don’t you try your luck with swertres – the most popular lottery game at the PCSO lottery draw?

Swertres Result Saturday – 18-5-2019

Morning 11:00AM: . 0-0-4 

Afternoon 4:00PM: .5-8-4

Evening 9:00PM: .

The game borrows its popularity from the fact that it is regularly drawn, three times every day, and offers some of the lowest odds and a significant jackpot prize. So, if you have it in you, it would be your best bet to play a lottery game. Start playing and check swertres result here as we update it on a day to day basis. You can get results for all three draws of the day.


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