Swertres Result June 22 2019

Swertres Result June 22 2019. Whether you play with our swertres hearing maintain today or you want to predict your own numbers for the game of swertres, you need to understand that only a strategic approach is going to earn you riches when you participate in the lottery draws. Either follow the swertres result updates from the past or use your sixth sense to predict the winning numbers for the upcoming lottery draws, you are going to land a jackpot prize for sure. Or, take the simplest of routes and rely on our swertres hearing and play the numbers that have been predicted for the lottery draw. You will definitely end up winning!

Swertres Result Saturday – 22-6-2019

11am: 8-6-1 
4pm: 1-1-6 
9pm: 2-4-1 
(in exact order)

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