Swertres Result July 4 2019

If you have been playing a lot of different lotteries lately, but haven’t played the swertres lotto yet, there’s no point in getting into the lotto arena at all. Swertres remains the most popular lottery across Philippines and is drawn as part of the PCSO lottery draw giving you high chances of winning a jackpot prize. But you can always multiply your chances of winning and claiming that PHP 4500 jackpot by playing the numbers as predicted in our swertres hearing.

Swertres Result Thursday – 4-7-2019

11am: 4-2-4 
4pm: 7-8-1
9pm: 9-3-1
(in exact order)

The experts here at today swertres result fetch some serious information from the past looking into all the swertres result updates we have posted here and predict the numbers with utmost accuracy. Many have been winning the lotto with our swertres hearing 101 and you could be the next lucky winner. 


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