Swertres Result July 13 2019

Swertres lottery is the premium lottery game drawn at the PCSO lottery draw and it does offer you a great chance at making riches. Even though the prize money associated to the lottery may not be as much as you would get with various other lottery games around, you should definitely try your luck with it. The key is to match the swertres result as frequently as you possibly can. 

Swertres Result Saturday – 13-7-2019

11am: 8-0-4 
4pm: 2-8-2 
9pm: 1-6-5 
(in exact order)

With some outside help from swertres hearing 101 and swertres hearing maintain today, you are sure to hit the right numbers and the prize money you’re playing for will be yours. Add in some other lottery games on the same day such as lotto 6/42, super lotto 6/49, and ultra lotto 6/55 to diversify your options and make the most of your time on the lotto scene. 

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