Swertres Result August 16 2019

Swertres Result August 16 2019.  Your best option to match the numbers on swertres result on any day and to claim a jackpot prize frequently would be to play with swertres hearing updates. The hearing numbers are the predictions from our experts at today swertres result and that’s the best option you have to get as close as you can to winning a jackpot prize with this lottery game. 

Swertres Result Friday – 16-8-2019

11am: 0-2-2 
4pm: 9-0-5 
9pm: 4-1-5
(in exact order)

Swertres lottery is the most frequently drawn lottery game at the PCSO draw in Philippines. The lottery game comes with the easiest odds to compete against. However, the jackpot prize may not be too high to your liking. So, if you really want to turn things in your favor, play with other similar lotteries like Ez2 lotto. A pari-mutuel lottery like lotto 6/42 would be a great choice too because it will allow you to win a jackpot in millions. 

Can you match swertres result frequently? Not sure? Play with our swertres hearing 101 and give yourself the best chance at winning a jackpot. 

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