Swertres Result August 13 2019

Swertres lottery game is the easiest among all the lotteries around and you can win it with little thought and deliberation. The lottery game comes with some of the lowest odds and is drawn as frequently as three times every day. You just need to match the numbers on swertres result to claim your jackpot prize of PHP 4500. That’s not going to be a major issue if you know exactly how the draw mechanics work.

Swertres Result August 13 2019

11am: 9-7-0 
4pm: 5-2-3 
9pm: 7-3-5
(in exact order)

Even though you will find it simple to match the numbers on swertres result whenever you like, it is advised that you must play the lottery games with higher odds as well. Why? Well, simply because they offer you a much higher jackpot prize. For instance, you can play lotto 6/42 and mega lotto 6/45 as each of these games gives you a chance to compete for PHP 9 million jackpot prize.

To match swertres result and win jackpots regularly, play with swertres hearing predictions from our experts at PCSO lottery draw. The numbers are updated here on a daily basis for your convenience.

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