Swertres Result April 26 2019

If you want to make your efforts count while playing the swertres lottery, you must have heard that the swertres hearing is the best way out. However, even if you keep checking the swertres result on daily basis, you’d soon find yourself in a great position to predict the results yourself.

Predicting the swertres result correctly is all about understanding the latest trends in the winning combinations. Yes, it’s all done automatically but still we’d recommend that you start doing so and you’ll definitely see soon enough that you’re picking up the numbers closest to the winning combinations.

For today, here we have the swertres result for all the three lotteries drawn.


11am: 1-6-2
4pm: 3-5-6
9pm: 9-5-9 
(in exact order)

Now, keep checking today swertres result on a regular basis if you want to become an expert in predicting the results of the most prestigious lottery in Philippines. It is definitely going to help you win the jackpot someday for sure.

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