• STL Results January 24 2020

    STL Results January 24 2020, There have been a variety of lottery games that lotto lovers can play at the PCSO lottery draw and make riches overnight. But do all of them have the similar potential to increase your chances of making riches?

    STL Results January 24 2020 – Friday

    Just keep following the result updates, pick the patterns, and play accordingly to allow yourself to win big.



    STL Swer3


    STL Swer2


    Probably not! So, which games should you be playing on priority. Well, besides swertres, you should try your luck with the Small Town Lottery games that have become a part of PCSO draw since 2017. Here we share the STL result updates regularly to keep you posted with what’s happening on the lotto scene and increase your chances of winning a jackpot prize.


STL Result

STL Results

If you are already familiar with the PCSO lottery draw in Philippines that is conducted by the Philippines Charity Sweepstakes Office, you’d know all the lottery games being played at the lottery program. The lotto is being around for more than 20 years now and it has a history of merging in some of the other lotteries in the region over the years as well. One of the most recent instances of such mergers is from November, 2017 when they added centralized draws from Small Town Lottery to their program. The games from the STL lotto included Swer3, Pares, and the 2-Digit game and this was only applicable for provinces where the local draws of STL were not conducted.

STL Lotto Result

Just like the fixed payout games being played at the PCSO lottery draw, the draws for the STL lotto are also conducted on a day to day basis and you can always get the STL lotto result at the designated times. Even the timing for STL lotto draws are the same as with the swertres result or ez2 result. Yes, there are three draws for the lotto games every day and here is the daily schedule for the draws and their results.

So, if you are interested in playing any of Pares, Swer3, or 2-Digit lotto games, you should definitely check out the STL lotto result on a daily basis for all the three draws that are conducted. It will give you great insights into the draw mechanics and you will be able to predict the winning combinations to hit the jackpot in this lotto much better. Combine luck with your intelligence and predict the most likely winning combinations based on the factual data that you get from the STL lotto result on a daily basis. The results are aired live at PTV 4 at 9pm and for the other two draws of the day, you are advised to check out the online resources as the results are published online after verification and confirmation as soon as the draws are conducted. Rest assured that everything is completely fair and there is no manipulation done even with the draw results published online.

STL Swertres Result Today

Swertres remains the most popular lottery game being played at the PCSO lotto and it is even the most popular one among the STL lottery games as well. The case with the STL swertres result today is exactly the same as well. There are three draws conducted on a day to day basis and they you can check the results at:

Swertres draws are conducted daily from Monday through Sunday and you must keep things in check to ensure that you don’t miss it out when you win the lotto. We bring you the latest and most authentic STL Swertres Result today and keep you updated about everything that’s happening in the world of lotto. Keep a check on swertres hearing for everyday and rely on those predictions for making your picks so that you can hit the winning combination every time. It’s not that hard really, and if you can do the basics right, learn the trends, and be vigilant while deciding which game you’d want to play and how you should be picking up your combination, you are sure to hit the jackpot.

STL Pares

STL Pares is another interesting addition to the lottery draw and its draws are also conducted on a day to day basis with the same schedule as with other lottery games above. For winning Pares, you have to match the two digit combinations and wait for the draws as they are performed and the results are finalized. Pick the trends to come up with the closest numbers to the winning combo and give yourself a chance to hit the jackpot. You are sure to make riches with this STL lotto result.

STL Swer3 Result Today

Swer 3 only requires you to pick 3 digits which make the winning combination. Yes, it’s different from the typical swertres result game and this one seems to be even simpler as well. The swer3 result is announced after the draw every single day and at the same time when the draw is conducted. You can expect swer3 result at 11 am, 4 pm, and 9pm. Keep an eye on the results and win the game by understanding how the winning combination trend is going and what kind of combination is expected in the next draw.

STL 2-Digit

You might have heard about the 6 digit or the 4 digit game played at the PCSO lotto but what about 2 digit variation of the game? Yes, it exists and it is pretty simple lottery draw and picking the combinations for 2-Digit may not be that hard either. You literally have to pick 2 digits for making it big with this lotto game. Just make sure that you are spot on and that you have an eye on the 2digit results as well for understanding the draw pattern. Winning the game will become a lot easier if you have some insights into the 2digit draw procedure. So, try your luck with the game and see how it turns out for you.

Before you try your luck with any of these STL games, there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind. Here they are:

  • You will be eligible to bet on the STL lotto games only if you are 18 years of age or older.
  • The PCSO states that all the prizes won through the PCSO lottery or through STL lotto result are fully tax-paid and you don’t have to pay anything on top of your prize money.

So, now if you have enough to wager, you should definitely play the STL lotto games listed above and make sure that you check out the STL lotto result three times every day as soon as it gets live. You’ll surely be able to make riches playing the wonderful lottery and the experience will be simply impeccable. It’s fun and you really make some serious cash in the process. And, you don’t really have to wait for it for too long because the draws are held daily and even three times everyday which means you can win anytime on any day. Have faith and try your luck.