STL Results – September 12 2019

STL Results – September 12 2019.  Small town lottery games have evolved a lot over the years and they are now played at the PCSO lottery draw where you can participate and win some serious jackpots. Just match the STL result on any day and you are in for changing your fate. The numbers are drawn daily and the same schedule is followed as in case of the swertres and Ez2 lottery. 

STL Result Thursday – 12-09-2019

Pares Result

11am:  28-30
4pm:    15-16
9pm:    26-30

Swer3 Result 

11am:  6-8-6
4pm:    1-8-1
9pm:    6-3-4

2 Digit Result

11am:  8-3
4pm:   9-9
9pm:   1-9

You can implement the same strategy as you do with Ez2 and swertres in case of STL games as well. However, you still need to keep one thing in mind that there is nothing like swertres hearing available for these games. So, you have to play the game with your own experience and wit if you want to match the winning numbers. Analyze STL result from the past and come up with your own predictions for the upcoming lottery draws. Play as much as you can to maximize your winnings. 


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