STL Results October 25 2019

Do you think swertres is the most popular lottery game drawn at the PCSO lottery draw? What about small town lottery games? Yes, these lottery games are also played at the PCSO draw since 2017 and they do enjoy a serious fan following and you really have a chance to make it count every time you play. Just figure out if you want to play Pares, swer3 or 2 digit game and keep checking regular STL results updates to give yourself a better chance at picking your numbers correctly. It will be a fun experience, nevertheless, and you should definitely make your bets count.

STL Result Friday – 25-10-2019

Pares Result

Morning 11:00AM: 29-23

Afternoon 4:00PM: 05-28

Evening 9:00PM:   35-27

Swer3 Result

Morning 11:00AM: 0-6-4

Afternoon 4:00PM: 3-7-3

Evening 9:00PM:    3-3-1

In exact order

Swer2 Result

Morning 11:00AM:  6-8

Afternoon 4:00PM: 2-8

Evening 9:00PM:     9-8

In exact order

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