STL Results June 22 2019

STL Results June 22, 2019. The small town lottery games are among the most popular and the most regularly drawn lotteries in Philippines. Now drawn as part of the PCSO lottery draw, these lottery games really give you an added variety in the games that you would want to play and make riches. In addition, they remain one of the simplest options for the lottery players to beat the odds and end up on the winning side. There is nothing as simple as winning a jackpot prize with either of Pares, Swer3 or 2 Digit game and they are all drawn three times every single day at the PCSO lotto draw. Just pick your numbers now and wait for the STL result to see if you have beaten the odds or not.

STL Result Saturday – 22-6-2019

STL Pares

Morning 11:00AM: . 01-40

Afternoon 4:00PM:  .09-13

Evening 9:00PM: .36-34

STL Swer3

Morning 11:00AM: . 6-0-4

Afternoon 4:00PM: .1-7-5

Evening 9:00PM:   .3-8-3

In exact order

STL 2-Digits

Morning 11:00AM: .8-7

Afternoon 4:00PM: .5-5

Evening 9:00PM:  .0-7

In exact order

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