STL Results July 7 2019

The small town lottery games are among the most popular choice for the lotto lovers in Philippines and the lottery game now competes primary lotteries like swertres, Ez2 lotto, ultra lotto 6/58, and many others. But how you can get the winning STL result if you start playing this lottery game?

Well, you do have a huge chance because there are 9 daily draws for the STL games which is higher than any other lottery around. So, you shouldn’t be worried at all about the result and start playing the small town lottery games right away. If the lady luck favors you, you’ll soon be making riches for sure. 

STL Result Sunday – 7-7-2019

Pares Result

11am: 14-26
4pm: 12-05
9pm: 40-13

Swer3 Result

11am: 5-2-8
4pm: 9-4-8
9pm: 2-2-6

2Digit Result

11am: 2-2
4pm: 1-9
9pm: 9-6


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