STL Results July 6 2019

Small town lottery games are played daily at the PCSO lottery draw nowadays and they give you a great chance to win a jackpot prize. The odds are on the lower side of the spectrum and you have three lottery draws for each of the games drawn at the PCSO draw. So, whether you play Pares, swer3 or 2 digit game, getting desired STL result is never going to be a problem for you. Just stick to the basics, follow the result updates from the past and do some thinking around to get yourself over the line. The game will become so interesting and you’d even forget about those harder 6/45 result, 6/49 result and other lottery draws. Just focus on making riches with this one. 

STL Result Saturday – 6-7-2019

Pares Result

11am: 38-30
4pm: 16-22
9pm:  15-14

Swer3 Result

11am: 9-4-6
4pm: 1-6-3
9pm: 6-6-7

2 Digit Result

11am: 6-3
4pm: 4-6
9pm: 7-1

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