STL Results July 15 2019

The small town lottery games have been making a lot of buzz on the lotto scene in Philippines ever since they have been included in the PCSO lottery draw. Whether you are a fan of Pares, Swer3 or 2 digit game, you should look forward to STL result updates that we share here to do a bit of analysis and play your numbers accordingly in the next lotto draw. 

STL Result Monday – 15-7-2019

Pares Result

11am: 38-03
4pm: 21-23
9pm: _14-35

Swer3 Result

11am: 9-7-7
4pm: 5-1-5
9pm: 2-8-4

2 Digit Result

11am: 4-7
4pm: 2-9
9pm: 1-2

Add up other lottery games to your lotto portfolio as well. For instance, you can play it with lotto 6/42, mega lotto 6/45, super lotto 6/49, grand lotto 6/55 and ultra lotto 6/58 on the days when these lotteries are drawn. It will help you aim at bigger prizes and you will definitely end up winning bigger jackpots on a day. 


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