STL Results July 1 2019

Do you love playing lotteries? Which lottery game is your favorite? If you have been playing lotto at PCSO lotto draw, chances are that you’d love playing Small Town Lottery games because ending up with a winning STL result is, probably, the easiest thing to do on Earth. Yes, there are a variety of games drawn as part of STL and you can participate in 3 lottery draws on a daily basis for each lottery game. What else you’d ask for? If you can follow the STL result updates from the past and call your numbers according to some pattern that you might possibly find in the lotto history, you stand an even better chance at winning the jackpot prize. 

STL Result Monday – 1-7-2019

Pares Result

11am: 01-04
4pm: 23-25
9pm: 18-24

Swer3 Result

11am: 9-2-7
4pm: 0-0-2
9pm: 0-1-4

2 Digit Result

1am: 0-8
4pm: 3-5
9pm: 9-1

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