STL Result October 12 2019

If you have been winning jackpot prizes with all the different games at the PCSO lottery draw, you should definitely give a try to small town lottery games as well. The STL lotto was included in PCSO somewhere around 2017 and ever since it has become popular among the lotto players.

STL Result Saturday – 12-10-2019

STL Pares Result

11am: 25-32
4pm: 37-40
9pm: 03-19

STL Swer3 Result

11am: 4-0-3
4pm:  4-4-0
9pm: 9-1-9

STL Swer2 Result

11am: 0-3
4pm: 7-0
9pm: 2-2

Whether you want to try your luck with Pares, Swer3 or 2 Digit game, you are always on the verge of making riches if you know how to pick the winning numbers. All the games offer significant prize money and with three lottery draws for each of them on a daily basis, you are up for a big cash prize.

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