STL Result November 12 2019

STL Result November 12 2019. We have lately seen a lot of Filipinos preferring Small Town Lottery games over the conventional lotteries played at the PCSO lotto draw. With increasing interest in the STL games, the STL result updates that are shared on a daily basis become more important. And with 9 draws on a daily basis, there is a huge volume that goes into these lottery games.

For today’s results, here we have the numbers for each of these games and all the respective draws.

STL Pares

 11:00AM: 38-29

4:00PM:  27-08

9:00PM: 26-14

STL Swer3

 11:00AM: 0-8-1

 4:00PM: 3-5-8

 9:00PM:  0-8-5

STL Swer2

 11:00AM: 8-6

 4:00PM: 6-4

 9:00PM:  2-8

If you have been a fan of the STL games lately as well, you should first figure out whether you are going to play Pares, Swer3 or 2 Digit games. These lotteries do have low odds and when you combine the total payout, there is a significant amount that winners can take home. Considering the increasing fame of these lotto games we share the STL result updates regularly here at today swertres result and you should simply follow the STL page to get your updates.

So, which of these STL lottery games are you going to play next? Do you think you are going to get STL result in your favor this time? Well, it is quite likely if you play the right combinations time and again. Do try your luck now!

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