STL Result May 23 2019

What was the latest STL result, do you remember? If you don’t, how can you start winning the lottery then? Yes, these result updates are not just about checking if you have won the jackpot or not rather they also give you great insights into the winning combinations being drawn.

STL Result Thursday – 23-5-2019

STL Pares

Morning 11:00AM: .06-18 

Afternoon 4:00PM:  08-33

Evening 9:00PM: .

STL Swer3

Morning 11:00AM: . 4-0-8 

Afternoon 4:00PM: .  1-9-5

Evening 9:00PM:   .

In exact order

STL 2-Digits

Morning 11:00AM: .4-5 

Afternoon 4:00PM: 5-1

Evening 9:00PM:  .

In exact order

So, whether you play Pares, Swer3 or 2 Digit game, you really need to have a feel of what numbers are drawn more regularly than others before you could make a winning pick. Keep checking the STL result updates for 11am, 4pm and 9pm draws as we share them here.


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