STL Result May 21 2019

Have you ever played small town lottery game in the past? Do you know that it is now drawn at the PCSO lottery draw in Philippines and whether you play Pares, Swer3 or 2 Digit game, you really stand a great chance at winning the lottery.

STL Result Tuesday – 21-5-2019

STL Pares

Morning 11:00AM: .19-15

Afternoon 4:00PM:  15-31

Evening 9:00PM: .

STL Swer3

Morning 11:00AM: . 3-5-7

Afternoon 4:00PM: 8-8-1

Evening 9:00PM:   .

In exact order

STL 2-Digits

Morning 11:00AM: .9-0

Afternoon 4:00PM: 4-4

Evening 9:00PM:  .

In exact order

You can simply keep a close eye on STL result updates as we share them right here and it will give you a fair bit of idea as to what numbers you should be playing. If you are lucky enough, you can win considerable amount of money on a daily basis. Try your luck!


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