STL Result May 19 2019

Small Town Lottery games are getting increasingly popular among the Filipinos and they have received huge fame ever since they have been introduced at the PCSO lottery draw.

STL Result Sunday – 19-5-2019

STL Pares

Morning 11:00AM: .28-15

Afternoon 4:00PM:  .18-21

Evening 9:00PM: .

STL Swer3

Morning 11:00AM: .   8-3-8

Afternoon 4:00PM: .  4-6-4

Evening 9:00PM:   .

In exact order

STL 2-Digits

Morning 11:00AM: .4-4

Afternoon 4:00PM: .1-6

Evening 9:00PM:  .

So, have you ever tried your luck with any of these lottery games and followed the STL result to see what combinations have been drawn at the lotto. Even if you haven’t you can start doing so now as we bring you the live updates from Philippines about everything that happens at the Small Town Lotto. Just follow our updates and give yourself a chance at winning the lottery game.


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