STL Result June 26 2019

Which of the small town lottery games have you been playing lately? Have you tried your luck with Pares, Swer3 or 2 Digit game yet? All these lottery games do offer you a great chance of making riches with three lottery draws scheduled on a daily basis throughout the week. And, if you haven’t played the games yet, you can start playing them at the PCSO lottery draw – the prestigious lotto draw from Philippines. Getting a winning STL result shouldn’t be a problem for you either because you can follow the result updates that we share here for some time and then pick the right patterns for you on any day. It’s definitely going to be a fun endeavor. 

STL Result Wednesday – 26-6-2019

Pares Results

11 AM: 08-33
04 PM:  9-12
09 PM: 31-21

Swer3 Results

Morning: 7-3-2
Afternoon: 3-3-8
Evening: 6-3-8

2 Digit Results

11am: 6-7
4pm: 2-5
9pm: 3-2

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