STL Result April 26 2019

Ever heard of Small Town Lottery draw? The lottery was played in some areas of Philippines more than 2 decades ago. However, after PCSO lottery draw took the reins, they included the STL lottery for all other regions where it wasn’t played earlier. Some of the most popular STL games are now played as part of the PCSO lotto and people expect STL result on daily basis to see if they could make riches or not.

We, at today swertres result, bring you the latest results for STL lottery games on a daily basis. Just like swertres, there are three draws scheduled for the lottery on a daily basis and the results are announced for all the three games including Swer3, Pares, and 2 Digit lottery game. We bring you the results for all of them on a daily basis.

And if you have already been waiting for today STL result, here are the winning combinations.


4pm: 13-09
9pm: 25-23


11am: 2-0-2
4pm: 3-5-6
9pm: 5-4-8

2 Digit

11am: 7-7
4pm: 3-5
9pm: 4-4

Don’t forget to check the STL result tomorrow and play the lottery regularly if you have always wanted to make some real cash overnight. Win a jackpot and change your life!

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