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PCSO PTV Lotto Result
PCSO lotto draw is a television lottery program in Philippines that is organized and produced by Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office. It’s been more than 20 years since this TV program is being aired.

The program features draws of fixed price and pari-mutuel lottery games. The PCSO PTV Lotto Result is announced based on the three draws carried out each day and the result is broadcast live at 11am, 4pm, and 9pm.

PCSO PTV Lotto Result Timing
There are different games played in the PCSO Lotto program of PTV and they have different draw timings. For the Fixed Payout Games, the draws are conducted three times every day and there are fixed timings for that. The first draw goes at 11am, the second draw is conducted at 4pm while the last draw of the day happens at 9pm.

As far as the Pari-mutuel games are concerned, the draw for each of these games takes place on three specific days associated to the game. The draw days will be mentioned in a later section with each of these games.

PCSO Lotto Draw Procedure
Each day before the PCSO lotto draw actually takes place and is aired live to the audience, an inspection is carried out in which “Mega Gems” – the blowing machines – as well as the balls that are used in every game go through routine scrutiny and it is ensured that the draw will be fair and the machines or the balls do not have anything concealed inside. There is a judges’ panel which undertakes this inspection and they are all neutral people who aren’t connected to the PCSO. Let’s have a look at pre-draw procedure now.

All Mega Gems that will be used in a draw are inspected by the panel. They also check out the blowing chamber from the inside and also go through their blowing mechanisms. By doing so, they ensure nothing is hidden inside Mega Gems to affect the PCSO PTV lotto result. Some unmarked ping-pong balls are also used to give a dry run to these Mega Gems and it is evaluated whether they work properly or not.
The balls that will be used for the actual games are kept inside briefcases. Normally, there are three ball cases dedicated to each game and they are distinguished by numbers or letters. One set is selected by the panel at random with cards and they show the selected card. When it comes to lot games like Ez2 Lotto and Super Lotto 6/49, the balls only have one color while the colors differ from one set to another. As far as the digit games are concerned, like 6-Digit Game, regardless of the selected set, every digit between 0 and 9 gets a unique color, but all the sets are identical.
After choosing a balls set for one game, all the balls are weighed to make sure that they are all of same weight on digital scale. There is a dedicated video camera that covers this part of the draw. The camera is meant to record any kind of abnormal activities, like ball switching, overweight balls and too light balls.
Once the balls are weighed for each game, the panel head loads them by hand into loading bays of Mega Gem for that game. That’s the first human intervention required for operating the Mega Gem which is otherwise operated with the help of remote console placed a bit further away. There is another human intervention that is not shown but it is implied. It’s actually when the balls are removed from Mega Gem once every draw show ends and PCSO PTV Lotto result is recorded. When it comes to the digit lottery games, removing balls is third intervention because the balls that have been drawn are adjusted too.
All the Mega Gems are operated automatically depending on which game is being played. The balls are loaded from those loading bays and afterwards the blower mixes the balls.

For number games, six numbers are drawn by the machine one after the other and they are inserted into the loading bay towards inner left. The machines used in digit lottery games and EZ2 lotto draw every number/digit in combination from a chamber of its own. After drawing a ball, it’s locked in its place by the slats that are placed above the pipe coming from drawing chamber. After picking up the necessary balls, Mega Gem turns itself off.

The Games
There are eight different games hosted by PCSO lotto draw and they all have combinations of their own and their play mechanics are different as well. Here we have different games being played at PCSO lotto.

Pari-mutuel Games
Lotto 6/42 (Drawn on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)
Mega Lotto 6/45 (Drawn on Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
Super Lotto 6/49 (Drawn on Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday)
Grand Lotto 6/55 (Drawn on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday)
Ultra Lotto 6/58 (Drawn on Tuesday, Friday, Sunday)
4-Digit Game (Drawn on Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
6-Digit Game (Drawn on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)
Fixed Payout Games
Swertres 3 Lotto (Drawn on Monday through Sunday at 11am, 4pm, 9pm)
Ez2 Lotto (Drawn on Monday through Sunday at 11am, 4pm, 9pm)