• EZ2 Result October 9 2020

    EZ2 Result October 9, 2020,  Ez2 lottery is one of the most played lottery games at PCSO lotto draw after Swertres and it also has a great fan following. The lotto is drawn on every single day three times and you have to be good at picking numbers in order to get a favourable Ez2 result. The lottery games are drawn in pretty much the same manner as Swertres and that means if you have a good time playing that game then you can win the Ez2 lottery too.

    If you have been waiting for the Ez2 result for today, here we have the winning numbers waiting for you.  

    EZ2 Result October 9, 2020

    2D Lotto
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    Claim your prize if you have won the lottery today and accept our heartiest congratulations. You can check our guide on Ez2 lotto to find out where you can claim your prize and how it will be awarded to you. It will also give you details on any possible deductions and taxes. Until next time, goodbye!

EZ2 Result Today

Ez2 Lotto Result

PCSO, the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, has brought a whole lot of fun for the lottery lovers over the years and it continues to do so even today.

The PCSO lottery draw remains the most popular lottery draw across Philippine and it even enjoys great credibility for it being fair enough to the participants unlike many other similar draws and lotteries around the world.

The draw is usually aired on the People’s Television network and is known for the popular games like Swertres and Ez2 lotto – two of the best fixed payout games around. The Swertres and Ez2 lotto result is shared with the audience after the draw every day. Basically, there are three draws conducted for each of these games on a daily basis and here is how and when you should be looking for the result.

Ez2 Lotto Result

As mentioned earlier, there are three draws of the game on a day to day basis with no days off. So, you can check out Ez2 lotto result everyday at the designated times. The first lotto draw is at 11am daily and its result is made available as soon as the draw results are confirmed and verified.

The next ez2 lotto result is made available after the draw at 4pm. While the lotto result today 9pm features the daily results of the third and the last draw of the day.

All the results are televised at PTV and are also made available online soon after the verification is done and a fair evaluation of the results is completed.

Ez2 Lotto Result Today

If you want to make the most of your efforts while playing Ez2 lotto, you should definitely keep your eye at the Ez2 lotto result today. Check it out after every single draw and you won’t miss a chance to win big while playing this wonderful lottery game.

Ez2 Lotto Result Summary

If you just want to understand the trends going on with the winning combinations of the Ez2 lotto even a quick look at the Ez2 lotto result summary would do it for you.

You can check the results summary after the third draw every day or you can check out Ez2 lotto result yesterday if, for example, you missed it on a particular day. So, a look at the summary will tell you the entire tale and you can gear up very well for your future bets.

Ez2 Lotto

If you are just trying to get familiar with this Ez2 lotto thing – the game played at the PCSO lottery draw – here we have some insights for you. It is another lottery game among the total of 8 that are hosted at the program.

It uses 2-chambered Mega Gem each of which draws a number anywhere from 1 to 31. So, it means a number can possible appear twice in the combination. If you want to win this jackpot, you should have a couple of numbers matching exact order in which they show up in chambers.

If you want to evaluate your chances to hit that jackpot, the odds to get that exact order are 1 out of 961.

As far as the LLAVE order is concerned, however, the odds are better i.e. 1 out of 465. The Ez2 lotto is also a fixed price lottery game that is similar to the Swertres – the most popular of the lot – and it is also drawn thrice every day. The draws take place nationwide at 11am in the morning, 4pm in the afternoon, and 9pm in the evening which is aired on PTV.

Ez2 Lotto Tips

When you are playing Ez2 lotto, you have to wage on a couple of numbers between 1 and 31 forming a 2-numbered combination. You can, for instance, pick 21 and 12 for playing the combination of 21-12. If the numbers you picked match the ones that have been drawn on a day in same exact order, you’ll be the winner of the jackpot. In case, if the numbers match the drawn numbers without matching the exact order then you will still be entitled to a minor prize.

Make sure that your option is specified in your selection slip or game card as to whether you’re playing a jumbled play (without any particular order of winning numbers) or you want to go with straight play (the same exact order).

In jumbled play, you play for a couple of possible combinations. For instance, when you have picked 21 and 12, you’ll be playing not only for 21-12 to win but also for 12-21 to win.

However, in case of straight play, playing 21-12 would mean that you can only win a major prize in case the winning results of the draw are 12 and 12. It doesn’t work the other way around. The default setting of the game is that you will be playing for same exact order.

So, if you have your interest in the Ez2 lotto, keep betting and keep checking the Ez2 lotto result and see if your chosen combination gets you a jackpot. You have had a look at the odds and it’s just the matter of time that you would be able to win it for sure.