EZ2 Result Today – April 22, 2019

If winning a lottery has been your dream and you haven’t really been able to make riches overnight as yet, you must try out the ez2 lotto from the PSCO lottery draw of Philippines. The lottery comes with a big jackpot prize and you should match the exact numbers in ez2 result to make riches right after the result is announced for the lotto game.

If you have already been playing the ez2 lottery, you must be waiting for the ez2 result now. So, let’s not keep you waiting as here we have the result for you.

Ez2 Result

  • This is the winning combination for ez2 result = 07-05
  • This is the winning combination for ez2 result =  13-30
  • This is the winning combination for ez2 result = 17-13

Make sure that you know which play type you had tried your luck with. If you had chosen standard play, your chosen combination should match with the winning combination in exactly the same order. If that’s the case, congratulations you have won the PHP 4000 prize.

If you had tried Rambolito play type, your chosen numbers should match the winning combination regardless of the order. In that case, you’d be entitled to win PHP 2000.

If you are not lucky enough to match the winning combinations for any of the two types of play, don’t lose heart and try again tomorrow. The lottery is drawn throughout the week and there are three draws every day. So, keep trying and you are surely going to hit the jackpot eventually.-

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