Ez2 Result September 29 2019

Ez2 lottery game is the second most popular lottery drawn at the PCSO lottery draw. Just have a look at some stats and you will find out exactly how many Filipinos love this lottery game. If you have the craze to play lotteries and win some serious cash, you really need to put this lottery game on your portfolio. The lottery game is one of the simplest of the lot and you can easily match Ez2 result on the day of the draw. In fact, you don’t even need to prepare yourself for that.

Ez2 Result Sunday – 29-9-2019

11am: 09-16
4pm: 09-09
9pm: 29-03
(in exact order)

Keep one thing in mind, however. The jackpot prize for this lottery game is not among the highest. You will be making PHP 4000 only with a jackpot win. So, if you would like to make your efforts count, you must play some lottery game with a bigger jackpot. Consider lotto 6/42 or mega lotto 6/45, for instance, as both these games have a PHP 9 million jackpot prize to offer. The luck is waiting for you; start playing and start making riches.

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