Ez2 Result – September 1 2019

Ez2 Result – September 1 2019. Check ez2 lotto result today 1 Sep 2019. Ez2 lottery game, the closest match to the popular swertres lotto, is one of the most regularly drawn lotteries at the PCSO lotto draw in Philippines. The lottery game comes with low odds and has three daily draws scheduled allowing you to win the jackpot prize as often as you like. One thing you may not like too much, however, is that the lottery game offers a slightly lower jackpot prize as compared to swertres lottery. You’ll win PHP 4000 jackpot each time you match the numbers on Ez2 result in exact order. 

Ez2 Result Sunday – 1-9-2019

11am: 06-17 
4pm: 10-22
9pm: __-__ 
(in exact order)

Keep playing lottery games if you really want to change your destiny. Get lucky once with any of the pari-mutuel lotteries drawn at the PCSO draw, and you will be a millionaire the next moment. The lowest you can claim is PHP 9 million with lotto 6/42 and the highest you can go is PHP 50 million with ultra lotto 6/58. Whatever the case, you must not stop playing simple lottery games like Ez2 lotto and swertres

Check today swetres result daily at 11am, 4pm, and 9pm to get your Ez2 result updates. We share them here as soon as we get them every day.

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