EZ2 Result October 8 2020

EZ2 Result October 8, 2020,  Ez2 lottery is one of the most played lottery games at PCSO lotto draw after Swertres and it also has a great fan following. The lotto is drawn on every single day three times and you have to be good at picking numbers in order to get a favorable Ez2 result. The lottery games are drawn in pretty much the same manner as Swertres and that means if you have a good time playing that game then you can win the Ez2 lottery too.

If you have been waiting for the Ez2 result for today, here we have the winning numbers waiting for you.  

EZ2 Result October 8, 2020

2D Lotto
1:00 PM:
5:00 pm:
9:00 pm:
In exact order

Claim your prize if you have won the lottery today and accept our heartiest congratulations. You can check our guide on Ez2 lotto to find out where you can claim your prize and how it will be awarded to you. It will also give you details on any possible deductions and taxes. Until next time, goodbye!

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