Ez2 Result October 3 2019

Winning Ez2 lotto may seem like a simple task but it actually isn’t. You have to put in a lot of thought into it before you could call your numbers. Yes, we understand that the game mechanics are pretty much the same as swertresthe most frequently drawn lottery at the PCSO lottery draw – but still the two games are different. You really need to come prepared if you want to play the lotto today and get Ez2 result in your favor. Yes, you can take some inspiration from swertres and the past results of the Ez2 lotto itself, but every day is a new day and you really need to do something different to climb up the winning ladder. 

Ez2 Result Thursday – 3-10-2019

11am: 16-22
4pm: 03-15
9pm: 18-04
(in exact order)

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