Ez2 Result May 6 2019

If you have been playing swertres for long without much luck, why don’t you try switching to some other lottery games with similar odds? Yes, we have this Ez2 lotto drawn on a daily basis just like swertres with the jackpot prize slightly lower than what you could win with the other game. You can check Ez2 result on a daily basis and give yourself a chance to win PHP 4000 jackpot three times every day.

Here are the numbers for today’s Ez2 result.


11am: 19-04 
4pm: 13-14 
9pm: __-__ 
(in exact order)

Do you think you are going to win it with this wonderful lotto today? The odds stand right there and you might have a good chance of winning the lottery if you have been playing it for some time. Do check your Ez2 result here and who knows you might win the jackpot.

Even if you don’t get lucky today, just don’t lose hope as you can come back again tomorrow and get a full-fledge chance to win the lottery. We’ll update the Ez2 result as soon as it is announced.

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