Ez2 Result May 5 2019

The popularity of swertres lotto from PCSO lotto draw seems to have sidelined the other games that have been played there for years. Among other fixed payout games is Ez2 lotto which is very much the same as swertres and is drawn on daily basis with same schedule as well. The only apparent difference seems to be in the payout because you get PHP 4000 jackpot while play Ez2 lottery. With odds of 1 in 961, you stand a great chance to have Ez2 result in your favor.

We follow the schedule of this lottery draw with swertres as well and bring you the timely updates on Ez2 result right when you need it. Count on us for your Ez2 result as well and stay updated all the time.

If you have played today, here is the Ez2 result for all three draws.

So, was it a lucky day for you today? Did you hit the jackpot with your try playing the Ez2 lotto? Whatever play type you choose, get your Ez2 result for all upcoming draws here and be the lucky one to win the lotto jackpot.

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