EZ2 Result May 3 2019

If you have always dreamt of playing a lottery game and winning a jackpot or if you have always found it fun to play some of the best lotteries around, do check out Ez2 lotto. The lottery game is one of the most popular lotteries drawn at PCSO lotto in Philippines and it is drawn on a daily basis with ez2 result announced everyday at 11am, 4pm, and 9pm.

For today’s draws, here we have the ez2 result and you should come back tomorrow for next.

Morning 11:00 AM: . 09-05

Afternoon 4:00 PM:  .06-13

Evening 9:00 PM: .

The lottery game has helped many become millionaires over the years and the key to such high payouts to individuals was just that they played the game regularly and won it consistently. You can also be the next lottery winner and you can check your Ez2 result right here.

We don’t wait for all the three draws to happen before we could share the results with you. In fact, we update ez2 result for each individual draw as soon as it is officially announced. You can check it here with us anytime.

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