EZ2 Result May 23 2019

Didn’t have much luck playing the swertres lotto? Looking forward to making a switch to something with similar sort of chances for winning a jackpot? Why not try your luck with Ez2 lotto?

Ez2 Result Thursday – 23-5-2019

Morning 11:00 AM: . 15-12 

Afternoon 4:00 PM:  .  22-31

Evening 9:00 PM: .

This lottery game is also drawn regularly on a daily basis and gives you great chances to win and claim a jackpot. Just keep following our Ez2 result updates and look into the lotto result history to get a feel of the real winning numbers. You are sure to play numbers that make the winning combination regularly. Check your daily Ez2 result at 11am, 4pm, and 9pm to see if you have won the lottery or not.


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