Ez2 Result May 12 2019

Just like swertres, Ez2 lottery is also among the popular lotteries being drawn at the PCSO lottery draw. The lottery game has pretty much the same mechanics but it gives players less of a challenge and has a slightly lower jackpot prize as well. You can check Ez2 result updates on daily basis with swertres at the same timings for each of the three draws.

Another unfortunate thing for the Ez2 players is that they don’t normally get anything like swertres hearing to play the numbers that are most likely to be drawn in the next lottery draw. However, if you can check the lotto result history, and you are an experienced player, it would be much easier for you to predict the numbers yourself and then play those numbers for the upcoming draws to win big.

Here we have the Ez2 result update for the next three lottery draws.


Just like swertres, there are hot and cold numbers that you can play with Ez2 lotto. Just figure them out on your own by having a look at previous Ez2 result numbers and give yourself a chance to win PHP 4000 jackpot prize.

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