Ez2 Result May 11 2019

The Ez2 lottery has maintained a significant presence in the lottery world and caters to the entire Philippines. The lottery game comes as one of the lowest odds lotteries available at PCSO lotto draw and the Ez2 result can be turned into your favor easily if you know the game mechanics and have some experience playing the lottery for some time.

If you have been waiting for the Ez2 result, here we have it for you.


The lottery game offers PHP 4000 jackpot and you can win it three times every day. Now that certainly gives you a great chance of winning the prize money with such low odds. Remember, however, that you need to play consistently in order to make the most of your efforts playing Ez2 lotto.

So, what did this ez2 result bring for you? Could you hit the jackpot this time? Keep playing if you haven’t and keep checking the results here at today swertres result.

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