Ez2 Result June 25 2019

Ez2 Result June 25 2019. Want to replicate your success with the swertres lottery game with Ez2 lotto? Yes, if you have been playing the primary lottery game at the PCSO Lottery Draw for some time now, you can switch to Ez2 and diversify your portfolio for sure. It won’t just improve your chances to win the jackpot prize but will also help you beat the odds ever so easily and win even bigger prizes. You get a jackpot of PHP 4000 if you get the Ez2 result in your favor. So, add that up with what you can win with swertres and you’ll definitely fast track your success.

Ez2 Result Tuesday – 25-6-2019

11am: 26-28 
4pm: 11-13 
9pm: __-__ 
(in exact order)

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