Ez2 Result July 1 2019

If you have been enjoying a successful run playing the swertres lottery game, you should think forward and play Ez2 lotto as well. It won’t just diversify your portfolio and allow you to win big, you can have more draws to participate in and will definitely be able to make riches overnight. It will even improve you as a lotto player as well giving you all the experience in the world to play lottery games. Getting desired Ez2 result to match the winning combination on any day isn’t really a tough ask either. You just need to play conventional numbers and see what’s been drawn regularly in the previous lottery draws, and you’re definitely up for making it big on any day. 

Ez2 Result Monday – 1-7-2019

11am: 09-08 
4pm: 22-10
9pm: 06-08 
(in exact order)

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