Ez2 Result August 6 2019

Ez2 Result August 6 2019.  If you are dedicating all your efforts to the popular lottery games at the PCSO lottery draw, you must be making up your mind to play Ez2 lotto now as well. The lottery game makes a perfect combo with the popular swertres lottery because of its low odds and similar draw mechanics. So, if you have had the experience with swertres lotto, you shouldn’t really have any issues matching the numbers on Ez2 result whenever you play this lottery game. The jackpot prize on the line will give you PHP 4000 and you can win it as frequently as with swertres. 

Ez2 Result Tuesday – 6-8-2019

11am: 14-29 
4pm: 03-19
9pm: 24-06 
(in exact order)

How many lotteries did you find as easy as Ez2 lottery game? Despite its low jackpot prize, the lottery game is worth playing as it allows you to build wealth overtime. A few jackpot wins every week is going to help you accumulate enough to keep playing and support your lifestyle. You can add other high paying lottery games to the mix as well. A good option would be lotto 6/42 as it allows you to win a jackpot prize of PHP 9 million with lowest odds among all pari-mutuel games. Nevertheless, you’ll be a millionaire with just a single jackpot win. 

Keep playing Ez2 lottery and continue to strive for matching the numbers on Ez2 result as you move forward. You are surely going to make your mark on the lotto scene.

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