Ez2 Lotto Result – August 2 2019

Ez2 Lotto Result – August 2 2019.  Check the 11am, 4pm 9PM Ez2 Lotto results today 2 Aug, 2019. Do you love playing swertres lottery at the PCSO lottery draw? Ever tried to think otherwise and switch to some other lottery game? If your answer is yes, then you must have tried your luck with the Ez2 lottery.

Ez2 Result Friday – 2-8-2019

11am: 02-04 
4pm: 27-15 
9pm: 13-08 
(in exact order)

Well, that’s because Ez2 is a perfect match to the popular swertres lotto and it you get a chance to match the numbers on Ez2 result rather easily should you opt for this particular game. The odds are pretty similar and so are the jackpot prize and the draw mechanics. In fact, the lottery game is even drawn at the same time throughout the week as well. 

One major difference between swertres and Ez2 lotto is that the latter offers you a low jackpot prize and you will be playing for PHP 4000 each time you get to the lotto scene.

One thing is for sure, however, that if you have some experience winning the jackpots consistently with the swertres lottery game, you won’t have much trouble beating the odds with Ez2 either. In fact, the odds are already low and even a newbie can come out on a day and win the jackpot prize.

Just play the game consistently and you’ll be making riches pretty soon. 

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