• 6 Digit Result March 07 2020

    6 Digit Result March 07 2020 – 6D lottery game remains one of the simplest lotteries drawn at the PCSO lotto draw in Philippines. The lottery game comes with very low odds and gives you a really high chance of winning a jackpot prize.

    6 Digit Result March 07 2020

    Winning Numbers: 8-5-5-7-7-1
    (in exact order) 

    You can play the lottery game every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and give yourself a big chance to make riches overnight. And, as the lottery is drawn every week, you can play and check your 6D result on any scheduled day. Just pick your numbers wisely and give yourself a fair chance at winning the lottery.


6 Digit

There has been a lot of rage about the lottery games all over the world these days. There have been a lot of them around and it’s hard for one to choose the best among the lot. However, if you ask one good name in this domain, the PCSO lottery draw really comes out on top. Operating since 1995, the lotto draw has been a renowned production of the Philippines Charity Sweepstakes Office and it has helped so many of the country’s residents to win big prizes over the years making them rich overnight.

One of the best games being played at the lottery draw is its 6 digit alternative which is pretty different from the other games being played here. So, if you want to satisfy your betting buds, you should definitely try out this wonderful lotto game. Here we have a detailed look at what it’s like and how it is played.

6 Digit Game

Similar to the 4-Digit Game, PSCO lotto also brings a 6 digit variation of the lottery as well. For this game, there is 6-chambered Mega Gem which is used to draw 6 different digits to form the winning combination. If you want to win the lottery, you should have a minimum of first 3 digits or last 3 digits matching with winning combination drawn by the Mega Gem.

The game is played exclusively in Luzon area and it increases the odds of winning to 1 out of 1000000. The lottery game is drawn on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday every week and all the 6 D lotto results are published at 9pm.

6 D Lotto Result

Once you are all set to play the 6 digit game at the PCSO lotto draw in Philippine, make sure that you know when the 6 D lotto result is announced and what is the schedule of the draw. Once the draw is conducted, the results are verified and confirmed before being televised at PTV 4 at 9pm. You can also find the 6 d lotto result published right after the draw at a lot of resources over the internet as well. Among all these great resources, our website is one too. So, whenever you are ready to bet on 6 d lotto, check out the results here and make sure that you note them down if you have won the prize or take a screenshot of the webpage. It will help ensure that you get the prize without any issues whatsoever because you will have the proof of your winning. But rest assured that there is no manipulation done with the 6d lotto result and it remains the same even if you check it a day or two after the actual draw.

6 Digit Result History

Even though it is advised that you check the 6 Digit result as soon as it is published, the organizers of the lotto game also give you the option to check out the 6 digit result history as well whenever you like. This is not only helpful in case if you had missed the draw when it was officially televised on the day when it was conducted in the first place or you just couldn’t check it out on the internet on the same day.

The 6 digit result history also helps you understand and pick the patterns in the winning combinations that have been awarded the biggest prizes in recent times. This way, you will be in a better position to hit the winning combination when you will be placing the next bet.

How To Play 6 Digit Lotto?

The procedure for playing the 6 digit lotto is very much the same and, probably, the only difference that might exist would be in the number of digits you’d have to choose for the combination and the ones you need to match with the winning combo to get a prize. Here we have listed all details and you’ll find it quite helpful for sure.

  1. Visit any authorized outlet of the PCSO lotto to get your play slip to mark your combination and buy the ticket.
  2. When you have the play slip in your hand, you have to choose one number out of ten within the range from 0 to 9. Remember here that you have to pick a number for all the 6 columns as you are participating in the 6-digit You can also tell your lotto teller what your numbers are and what your bet is. Another option you have is to go with the lucky pick which will automatically pick your numbers and allow you to participate in the draw. This would be the best approach to go with if you are confused about which numbers you should pick to make a winning combination.
  3. You will next have to submit the play slip to the outlet operator and they will give you the ticket that you have to keep with you. The ticket costs can vary depending on play amount that you have marked. You are required to mark your play amount in AMT column. The minimum amount you can play is PHP 12 for every 6-numbered combination. However, you can play more than this minimum figure for every combination if you want to.
  4. If you want to play same numbers you have chosen for the consecutive draws then you will have to mark how many draws you’d want to participate in. This can be done in Draw panel. The maximum you can participate in with one combination is six consecutive draws.
  5. In case of any error, you should mark “VOID” box for indicating the cancellation of the board.

That’s all you have to do for placing your bet at the 6 digit draw in PCSO lotto.

How Much You Can Win With 6 Digit Lotto?

Well, there different prize amounts that you can win when you bet at the 6 digit lotto. The first prize is PHP 150000. However, if nobody wins the first prize for the draw, the pool amount for first prize is carried forward into next draw.

In case of multiple winners of the first prize, the total pool amount gets divided among all the winners proportionate to the bets they had made. However, if you have won the first prize, you are sure to win PHP 150000, at least, for all the bets you placed with PHP 12. So, with this much at stake, you should definitely bet at 6 digit lotto.

What Are Your Chances To Win The 6 Digit Lotto?

This game at the PCSO lotto is different from the other pari-mutuel ones in the sense that here you have 10 digits to choose from only. So, here is the chance you stand to win the jackpot with 6 digit lotto.

  • There are 10 numbers that you can make a pick from and that means you have 1 out of 10 chances to pick your first number right.
  • As for the second number, because you will be picking that same number again, still there are 10 numbers available to choose and you again have 1 out of 10 chances of making the right pick.
  • When you multiply the odds for all your picks, your chance to match the winning combination stands at 1/1000000.
  • So, that means you have 1 chance out of 1000000 to win 6 digit lottery game.

To date, we don’t have any precise information on how much of money was claimed as biggest ever first prize in the game’s history. However, if you want to take the opportunity and try your luck for winning the biggest prize in PCSO 6 digit game’s history, you should definitely keep track of the draws as they are conducted every week. In case, if several draws go without any winner, it is quite possible that those roll-overs might produce an impressive jackpot exceeding a figure of several millions.

As mentioned on official website of PCSO, the biggest prize claimed by a 6 digit lotto winner since 2008 is PHP 10.147 millions. But that’s only since 2008 and the game has been played since 1997. So, we never know if somebody had won even bigger a jackpot than this. There is also information available that the jackpot has exceeded the 6 million mark on several occasions through these years.

So, do you plan to try your luck with 6 digit lotto too? The game really presents a great opportunity for the avid bettors and if you keep checking 6d lotto result, you’d be better placed to hit the winning combination time and again. Hit the lotto outlet now and pick your combination.