6-Digit Result September 26 2019

6-Digit Result September 26 2019. Know exactly how much you can win if you play 6 digit game at the PCSO lottery draw and match the 6D result in exact order for the given draw? The minimum guaranteed amount you will get is PHP 150000. Now, that’s not bad really for such a game with low odds. Other significant prizes include PHP 40000 if you match 5 digits on the winning combination and you will get PHP 4000 if you are able to match only 4 digits on the winning combination. 

6D Result Thursday – 26-9-2019

Winning Numbers: 2-2-9-4-4-5
(in exact order) 
Jackpot: Php 

So, playing 6 digit game at the PCSO lotto draw is never going to leave you in trouble because there is something that you will take away at the end of the day. But still, you can multiply your earnings if you add various other lottery games to your portfolio. Start with its simpler counterpart i.e. 4 digit game because it is going to be even more fun and easy but with a smaller jackpot prize. Nevertheless, playing lotto regularly and winning jackpots often is the key to success here. 

PCSO 6D Result – September 26, 2019
Prize Level Amount Winners
1st Prize* P _________ —–
2nd Prize P 40,000.00 —–
3rd Prize P 4,000.00 —–
4th Prize P 400.00 —–
5th Prize P 40.00 —–

*Minimum Guaranteed Amount (MGA) of P150,000
Source: PCSO

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