6-Digit Result October 3 2019

There is a huge variety available in lottery games today and a lot of them are offering the lowest possible odds so that the lotto lovers can make some real cash. If you talk about the 6 digit game, the lottery has received a lot of appreciation from the lotto fanatics in Philippines. There are low odds and you can easily match the numbers on 6D result on any day. You have 1 in 1000000 chances to match the winning numbers and claim a jackpot prize of PHP 150000. There are other minor prizes as well for cases when you do not match the 6 digits exactly.

6-Digit Result Thursday – 3-10-2019

Winning Numbers: 2-7-5-8-0-3
(in exact order)

If you are aiming at something big, however, you should add some other lottery games to the mix. One good option would be to start playing simple lotteries that are drawn daily such as swertres lotto, Ez2 lotto, and STL games. Alternately, you can go for a couple of highly paid lotteries like Grand lotto 6/55 and Ultra lotto 6/58. In the second case, you will be able to win big even if you have got lucky with just a single draw. It will be in millions.

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